Meet Dr. Gangoy-Leonard

Mary Angelic Gangoy, DMD is a native "New Yorker” who attended the State University of New York at Albany where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree. She graduated with honors from Tufts Dental School and earned her Doctorate of Dental Medicine before entering her TUSDM Orthodontic Residency, where she earned a Certificate in the Specialty of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics.

During her educational years at Tufts, Dr. Gangoy participated in the university's research program at which time she became affiliated with the Robert Andrews Honor Society and International Association of Dental Research. Upon entering her orthodontic residency, Dr. Gangoy was inducted into Omicron Kappa Upsilon, the international dental honor society, and awarded the Furman - Rosenberg Scholarship for achieving both clinical and academic excellence.

Dr. Gangoy has served as a representative for her local dental society on the Council on Access Prevention & Inter-professional Relations and has served on the Wakefield Rotary's Board of Directors and co-chaired the organization's 20th annual 6K road race.

As a clinician, Dr. Gangoy gains professional satisfaction through providing treatments for children and teens, which positively impacts their course of growth and development. In mastering her skills with more aesthetic orthodontic techniques (such as 3M iBraces and Invisalign), she has developed a niche among adult patients seeking orthodontic treatment. When discussing treatment options with them, Dr. Gangoy places high value on aesthetic considerations and addressing their chief concerns for seeking treatment.

When not in the office, she enjoys family activities with her two sons. Dr. Gangoy has a love and affinity for interior design and contemporary art work. She is a true admirer of fashion and enjoys staying physically fit by running and attending spin classes.

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